Chestnut Ridge Iron Apache 
 Male Beagle 

FC Vanline Big Train 

FC Cripps Hillbilly Sure Burt 
FC Jack’s Iron Mike 
 Hayes’ Little Benny Patch 
 Water Valley Cassie 
 Short’s Spintail 
 Short’s L-Cid 
FC Short’s Little Gal 
 Ray’s Little Ruth 

 Shorts Busy B 

 Shorts R Boy 
 Shorts Iron Man 
 Shorts Mary Jo 
 Shorts Bell 
 Brown’s Rowdy 
FC Short’s Banker Boogie CHB
 B And L’s Babe 
 Shorts Little Gal II 
FC Jack’s Iron Mike 
FC Short’s Little Gal 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 9/22/2019
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