Ever And Forever Mystic Woodland 
Grey/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 4/15/2014 

 Deep Impact Della Vanisella 

 Trishamar’s Sudden Impact 
AM/CAN CH Innisfree Ring Of Fire 
MBIS/MBISS AM/CAN CH Innisfree Fire And Frost CGC
CH Innisfree Shades Of Sienna 
CAN CH Trishamar’s National Treasure 
 Kimlan’s Hunter CAN SD/WD
MBISS CAN CH Trishamar’s Bacardi Select 

 Bree Brightens And Star ’N’ Nordica 

CAN CH Nanooks Purple Haze Of The Sun 
AM/CAN CH Alcinta’s Winter Glitter 
BIS AM/CAN/INT CH Alcinta’s Huricane Brimstone 
CH Alcinta’s Cheetah 
BIS/RBIS CAN CH Nanook’s Tears Of The Sun 
MBIS CAN CH Innisfree TNT At Nanook 
CAN CH Nanook’s Northrnlite Reflection 
INT CH/HUN CH/HUN GR CH Vannabe Of Nordica 
BISS HUN CH/AM CH Kaila’s Rogue Commando 
CH Tullemore’s Copyright 
 Kaila’s Evening Star II 
HUN GR CH Oh Sweet Victory Of Nordica 
INT/GER/NETH CH Kristari’s Happy Globetrotter 
BISS GR CH HUN Love Me Do Of Nordica 
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