Little Bull At Northbreeze 
Black/White Male Siberian Husky  Whelped: 3/7/2009 

 Kodiak Ice Dancer 

Color: Black/Grey/White

 Leorient The Ice Dancer 
 Lapatka Snow Fire 
 Artic Reflection Of Karlanns 
 Natasha Morning Mist 
 Tupilak’s Flag 
 Dan Magrew at Fortezza 
 Glenhusky Vanya of Astutus 
 Mimak Maiden Of Kara 
 Sontells Sondao 
KC CH Sarawana Zoozhzhat 
KC CH Muiryett’s Soft Amber of Sontells 
 Tara Banphrionsa an Mhumhain 
 Prince Isaiah II 
 Arctic Princess Brianna 

 Sky Siberia 

Color: Black/White

 Artick Challenge 
 Snowbles Snowswift 
 Lapatka Snow Wolf Of Snowbles 
 Lola Of Hartington To Snowbles 
 Lacota Firecracker 
CH Alascotia Michigan 
 Coco Dream 
 Lovely Kate 
 Kodiak Ice Dancer 
 Leorient The Ice Dancer 
 Mimak Maiden Of Kara 
 Champayne Girl 
 Doolan’s Predator 
 Annie Oakley 
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