Am CH Bombay’s Ebony Idol 
Black Female Afghan Hound  Whelped: 8/19/1956 

Am Ch Rajam Briq Asana Yogi 

Color: black

 Sighn Gaekwar of Peshawer 
Am. Ch. Simba of Chaman of Penn-Ivy 
Uk & Int CH Garrymhor Faiz-bu-hassid 
 Manda of Chaman 
 Kaala of Bevero Downs 
Am. Ch. Doreborn Darab 
Am. Ch. Jalalabad Fatima of Pommel Rock (US import from U.K.)
 Nivis Aqdam Waw Zerr Menkhar 
Am. Ch. Shikari of Donde 
 Zenophon of Elcoza 
 Laineux Dolly DeLux 
 Five Mile’s Chaibasa Maulana 
 Five Miles Abdul Aziz of Cayuga 
 Hanif of Bevero Downs 

 Margaret’s Duchess of Marjul 

Color: Black and White

 Kuta Raja of Mikai 
AM CH Taejon of Crown Crest 
AM CH Elcoza’s Ponder 
AM CH Winomana of Rreks 
 Kismi Khan of Crown Crest 
Am.Ch. Felts Allah Baba 
AM CH Egypt’s Echo of Crown Crest 
 Duchess of Sinai 
 Amir Sabi 
Am. & Can.mult. BIS Ch. Rana of Chaman of Royal Irish 
Am CH Black Ryn of Donde 
Am.Ch. Felts Allah Baba 
 Felts Cleopatra of the Nile 
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