Boggy Bottom Copper Peny 
Brown/White Female Beagle  Whelped: 8/21/2019 

Fld CH Templet’s Willow Run Pedro 

FC Templet’s Rio 
CHB PPGRRCH Double Creek Bo Bo II 
 Boggy Holler Budget 
FC Boggy Holler Lucile 
 Henry’s Wendy II 
 Tabasco Road Slick Willie 
 Cajun Girl Tina 
 Templet’s Tina 
FC Boggy Holler Banjo 
 Double Creek Sammy 
 Shady Hills Brandy 
 Cabin Creek I Shadda 
FC D Fred’s Sambo 
 Gulley Creek Little Red Missy 

 Boggy Bottom Bonnie 

Color: Brown/White

 Boggy Hollow Buck 
 Willow Run Littleman 
FC Boggy Holler Teddy Bear 
FC Willow Run Peanut 
 Templet’s Tina 
FC Boggy Holler Banjo 
 Cabin Creek I Shadda 
 Temple-Hill Boggy Bottom Princess 
 Boggy Holler JoJo 
 Willow Run Littleman 
 Templet’s Tina 
 Briar Holler Princess 
 Willow Run Smitty 
FC Willow Run Jewel 
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