Spirits May Dance 
White Male Siberian Husky  Whelped: 4/16/1997 

 Cree Where Spirits Dance 

Color: Black/White

 Casper Of Royal Chapperal 
 King Anderson 
 Kody Blu Boy 
 Fawn Of Royal Chapperal 
 Sadie Of Royal Chapperal 
 Red Moon Of Royal Chapperal 
 Duchess Of Royal Chapperal 
 Skiler Little Arrow 
 Crimson Wynds Of Fire 
 Klein’s Cross Otter 
 Sheeba Marie Weare 
 Hunt’s Grey Mist Shadow 
 Mary-Sue’s Goblin O’ Dochanik 
 Mary-Sue’s Melene 

 Saesha May 

Color: Gray/White

 Lumberjack Butch Ringo 
 Cassidy Ray Bob 
 Frosty Pines Isaiah 
 Chief Wawatom 
 Daniel’s Artic Fox 
 Traxler’s Sparking Delight 
 Traxler’s Maxamillion 
 Traxler’s Eskamo Pied 
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