Blk/Wh Male Siberian Husky  Whelped: 7/19/1981 

 Prince Charming Of Highland 

Color: Sable & White

 Smokey Blue Of Artic Fancy 
 Shadycreek’s Artic Fancy 
AM/CAN/INT CH Frosty’s Blaze AM/CAN CD
 Susitna’s Mist Of Willow River 
 Princess Tonya Of The Nahanni 
CH Koywyn’s Sammurai 
 Chitina Of Sonnybrooke 
 Ja-Clar’s Cleopatra 
 Ja-Clar’s Blucrest Bandit 
 Jim-Mar’s Wolf 
 Jim-Mar’s Sany Sabaka 
 Ja-Clar’s Chickasaw Cherie 
 Chickasaw Red Fireball 
 Chickasaw Princess 

 Sherry Bear 

Color: Blk/Wh

 Yoke Vladimir 
 Boyd’s Chopper 
 Satan Of Gull Rock 
 Sekaj Nonie of Minnawashta 
 Joan’s Puff Of Panda 
 Shadycreek’s Artic Fancy 
 Panda Ru’s Puff Of Snow 
 Princess Nakia of Balakirev 
 King of Balakirev 
CH Riley’s Rokitri Of Koryak 
 Ravalli’s Ballou of Baltic 
 Nikita of Anadyr 
 Nainicko Of Anadyr 
 Bilkoff Labeskia Of Anadyr 
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