Flat Creek Blake 
Brown/White/Tan Male Beagle 

FC Wright’s Shake 

Color: Black/Tan/White

 Steep Hollar Jack 
FC Sand Hill Boy 
 Midnight Sioux 
 Steep Hollar Patches 
 Steep Hollar King 
 Steep Hollar Ring 

FC B and W’s Little Blondie 

Color: Black/White/Tan

FC B And W’s Hard Luck Skippy 
FC Del Ray Stubby 
 Del Ray Benji 
 Hi Hill Lucy 
 Loy’s Skipper 
 Skipper Joe XVIII 
 Loy’s Vicky 
 B&W’s Little Shady Lady 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 9/23/2019
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