Shyanns Blue Frost 
White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 7/26/2004 

 Panama Jack II 

Color: White

 Kodiak Jack XXIV 
 Kamir Wait Klaud 
 Hi Klass Northern King Tuk 
 Apookienayaks Lacey 
 Kamir Ivory Keesha 
 Sir Maxwell Sapphire Royale 
 Corrigans Ivory 
 Hern’s Polar Princess Kannik 
 Hern’s Timber Kannik 
 Hern’s Ivan Northern Kannick 
 Akita’s Little Czarina 
 Mishka Sky 
 Shadow Sky Fischbach 
 Sosha Renae Fischbach 

 Shyla Shay Simon 

Color: White

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