Bowser Bateman 
Blk/Wh Male Siberian Husky 

 Ruff Stuff Of Country Home 

Color: Black/White

 L And M’s Mister Tuff Stuff 
 L And M’s Lord Blue Bimbo 
 Klondike Mike II 
 Mike’s Bambi 
 Yockey’s Blue Queen 
 Ceasar’s Blue Mist Of Woodmore 
 Nicole Tobi Puhl 
 Gaharro Of Country Home 
 Smiley’s Lone Ranger 
 Sno-Blitz’s Zarkov Of Koryak 
 Misty Morning Of Grayson 
 Donshir Of Country Home 
 Tundra Bubba Of Tree-Claim 
 Tree-Claim’s Anastasia 

 Leeba Of Country Home 

Color: Black/White

 Khayyam Blu of Malenkaya 
 Thoreau Yeneseisk Tomsk 
 Missi Kiki Bleu 
 Amy Tomak Malenkaya 
 Tomak of Kiev 
 Cherskiy’s Kristi of Brenlar 
 Scotts Sheba Nanook Czarina 
 Wiesner’s Tsar Nikita 
 Smiley’s Lone Ranger 
 Sujim’s Miss Toka 
 Wiesners Tachinook 
 Wiesner’s Tsar Nikita 
 Wiesner’s Rusty Lady 
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