Nylabell’s Abracadabra 
Black/White Female Siberian Husky 

BULG JrCH Teddy Bear Of Golden Nicol 

Color: Gr/Wh

CAN CH Trishamar’s Hot Diggity Dawg 
CAN CH Runaway Of Artic-Sun 
BIS/BISS CAN/INT CH Tundrafoot’s Devil Indeskyz 
CAN/INTL CH Newlook Of Artic Sun 
CAN CH Trishamar’s Angel Face Alexis 
MBIS CAN/AM CH Crystalice Snowmist The Sting 
CAN CH Snowmist’s Brandy Alexander 
BISS INT/MULTI CH Uenne Nolwenn Princess de la Vallee de Morava 
BISS INT CH/FR CH Singing In The Rain de la Vallée de Morava 
MULTI CH Ivan Kasbo Boy 
 Rhapsodie of Artic Sun 
 Snowarblay de la Vallee de Morava 
 Luky (France) 
 Just A Little Snow Flake 

 GoldenNicol Delivered from Wonderland of WolfPoint 

Color: Black/White

 Billy The Kid II Of Lancelot 
MBIS/MRBIS/BISS Gr CR CH/LAT/INT CH Kristari’s Dunkan Or Lancelot 
BISS CH Innisfree’s Chips Ahoy 
CH Kristari’s Kaitlin Of Anasazi 
 Kristaris Pricilla The Oveen Of The King 
CH Kristari’s Tickle Me Elmo 
 Kristari’s Margarita O’Mainake 
BISS BULG JCH/BULG CH Precious Of Golden Nicol 
BULG JrCH/MK/BULG CH Arizona’s Mountain White De La Vallee De Morava 
INT CH Really The Best De La Vallee De Morava 
FR CH Other April For Ever de la Vallée de Morava 
BULG CH Grace Of Golden Nicol 
BULG CH Toffee Coffee de la Vallee de Morava 
 Belli Lazari Paloma Prestige 
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