Sam Houston’s Portia 
 Female Rottweiler  Whelped: 3/20/2011 

 Sheen’s Kingkong Vvone 

Am CH BAAR’s Full Metal Jacket v Excel RO-63098F24M-PI, RO-CA1041/21M/S-PI
Multi V-1, Multi BISS, A/C CH Von Boylan Antonio Banderas SchHIII, BST, AD, BH, TT, CGC,
Multi V-1, ARV Sieger Am CH Cassius Lad SchH III, BH, AD, BST, CGC, ZtP, Körung, RO-41685G
Select CH Fine’s Ciara von Covenant CD, RTD, RO-405926 RO-EL1350
Multi V1, Siegerin, BOSS CH BAAR’s Blackfoot Brio v Evrmor CDX CI RE TT RTD CGC
Multi V-rated Am/Can CH Pico vom Hegestrauch BH, SchH I, BST
Am/Can CH Evrmor’s Que Osa Dulce CDX , HT , TT , CGC , RTD High In Trial
 Sam Houstons Lethal Shadow 
Am CH Roka’s Lethal Weapon RO-60409G40M-T
Am CH Dane Of Ladyhawk RO-25946
CH Liebenswert Fancy Footwork RO-41330G26F-T
 Sam Houston’s Carla V Brando 
Am CH Heimgarde’s Evon von Brando RO-26909F26M
 Beaverbrook’s Lieka 

 Blaxwil’s Chateau Margaux 

CH Greatheart’s Cool & Collected 
BISS Select Am CH Crystal’s Topaz v Ponca Am CD CGC RO-56003G24M-T
BISS, Select CH Ponca’s Bite The Bullet CD, CGC, ARC Gold Sire, RO-31194G,RO-1559,RO-CA139
Am/Can. CH Oakviews Diamond v Gremlin Am/Can. CD, CGC, RTD
 Greatheart’s Bold Statement 
BISS Sel Am/Can CH Von Boylan’s G.Q 
Select Am/Can CH Goldwinds Lindy v Myers CD, TDI,
 Blaxwil’s Hot Chocolate 
CH Gamegards Quilleran v Lynos 
Select Am CH Full Moon’s As Good As It Gets TT CGC, RO-39353G24M
Am CH Gamegards Mariah v Femme 
 Oakviews Nina Colada RO-63552E
Can CH Oakviews Justice vom Hunter 
 Crystal’s Ivory v Ponca RO-56022G,RO-3930,RO-CA643
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