Spring Fever Jazz Minn 
Blue Merle Female Australian Shepherd  Whelped: 5/19/1991 

SVCH, WTCH, CH Gitalong’s Half Cocked UD

Color: Blue Merle

VCH, WTCH, CH Gold Nugget’s Cock of the Walk CD, TD
VCH CH Shanti’s Rowdy Rustler CDX, ATDsd, OTDc
CH Bright Future of Windermere CD
 Elika’s Shanti CD
 Gold Nugget’s Dreams of Glory STDs, OTDd
CH Tri-Ivory Yankee Dandy CDX, RDc
CH Nelson’s Phoebe of Gold Nugget CD, STDsd
CH Blue Moon on Stillwater CDX,TD,STDds
CH Saratoga of Brigadoon 
CH Arrogance of Heatherhill CDX STDd HOF
CH Windhill’s Sunflower 
 Cookin With Sage of Brigadoon 
CH Fieldmaster of Flintridge HOF
 Patchwork Thumbelina 

WTCH, CH Spring Fever Contessa 

CH Topper’s Arrogant Lad CD
CH Arrogance of Heatherhill CDX STDd HOF
CH Windermere Sunshine of Bonnie Blu CDX HOF
CH Sweet Seasons of Heatherhill 
 Copper Canyons Red Flannel CD, STDs
 Copper Canyons Jimmerman 
 Ken-Lin Crystal Morn of Blue Mist 
CH, WTCH Brushwood Bonnie Kye CD, OTDcsd, ATDd
 Blue Isles Go For The Gusto 
CH Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus HOF
 Glaciers Crest Tobacco Rhonda 
 Brushwood Kacey Kye 
CH Christiansen’s Kye CD
 Faxon’s Smokey Blue Buttons 
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