Sadie Star Of The Night 
Black/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 4/29/2006 

 Katya’s Nikolye Balthezaare 

Color: Black/White

 Prince William Phillip Bartley 
 Sir John 
 Vincent’s Nanook of E’Ville CD, TDI, CGC
 Silver Snow Fire TDE/CGC
 Kansas City Lady 
 Sir Klondike Nikido 
 Chato’s Silver Chrokee 
 Yukon’s Sweet Vidalia 
 Karnovanda’s William Fox 
CH Karnovanda’s The Dream Waltz 
CH Karnovanda’s Wahachee Fox 
 Skyzar’s Bohemian Rhapsody 
MBIS/MBISS AM/CAN CH Innisfree Fire And Frost CGC
CH. Skyzar’s I’m With The Band 

 Tk’s Thunder 

Color: Black/White

 Cody Winter Wolf 
 Frosty Blue Majestik 
 Majestik Max 
 Iseeka Of Frosty Blue 
 Sky Marie Johnson 
 Kayo Of Chukka’s Tokayo 
 Prantzie Yanna of Niki’s Blu 
 Raven Pagen Eye Of Watch TWR 
 Northernlights Thor Loki 
 Northernlights Sounder 
 Northernlights Sasha II 
 Northwinds Silver Nala 
 Java V 
 Northwinds Canyon Storm 
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