Poland Springs Delta Dawn 
White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 12/10/2016 

Flaming Arrows Boreayl’s Miska SD

Color: Agouti/White

 Rocket Of Boreayl 
 Chatanikas Gremlin 
 Rusty Of Sepp-Alta 
 CeeYellow Of Sepp-Alta 
 Howling Spirits Brown-Eyed Girl 
GER CH Howling Spirits Ranger 
 Howling Spirits Sparrow 
 Starfire’s Inti 
 Starfire’s Ice of Ebony 
 Tahoe of River-spirit 
 Rushin’Sepp’s Ebony Starfire 
 Starfire’s Gamblin’ Girl 
 Chatanika’s Eddie 
 Chatanika’s Gypsy 

 Poland Springs Frost Of Starfire 

Color: White

 Tay Marr’s Nashua 
 Laforce Of Sepp-Alta 
 Sepp-Alta’s Griffin At Windy Ridge 
 Anakawa’s Dandy 
 Tay Marr’s Belladonna 
 Shaguluk’s Onyx Of Tay Marr SDX
 Ubee Of Sepp-Alta SDX/LD
 Starfires Brittania 
 Chatanikas Gremlin 
 Rusty Of Sepp-Alta 
 CeeYellow Of Sepp-Alta 
 Chatanikas Billy 
 Bronco Of Sepp-Alta SDX
 Sepp-Lok’s Falcon SD
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