FC Willow Run Jewel 
 Female Beagle 

FC Willow Run Tucker 

FC Dan’s H and H Enstien 
 Double M’s Southern Sherman 
 Double M’s Tracking Bo 
FCH & CHB Double M’s Southern Belle 
 Carolina Singing Sue 
 Willow Run Butter Cup 
 Willow Run Tuffy 
 Flat Creek Blake 
FC Willow Run Happy 
FC Willow Run Blondy 

 Willow Run Joy IV 

Color: Tricolor

FC Brinsky’s Run-em Over Tank 
FC Flat Creek Joshua 
 Flat Creek Blake 
 Pulley’s Miss Roseanne 
 Brinsky’s Honey Nip 
FC Willow Run Beanie 
FC Nicky Buzz Saw 
 Willow Run Aggie 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 2/25/2020
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