Netheroyd Ansari 
Cream, black mask Male Afghan Hound 

 Turkuman Dammar Pine Tree 

Color: Black & Tan

UK CH Westmill Bayezid Ansari 
INT CH Badshah of Ainsdart 
UK CH Sirdar of Ghazni 
 Ku-Mari of Kaf 
 Elsa of Ghazni 
 Khan of Ghazni 
 Zarifa of Ghazni 
 Ghawazi of Enriallic 
 Asman of Ghazni 
UK CH Sirdar of Ghazni 
 Shireen of Ghazni 
Uk & Int CH Zandi of Enriallic 
 Souriya of Enriallic 

 Netheroyd Jalalabad Mirza 

 Mansharaf Pardessi 
 Garrymhor Ashraf 
 Ardmor Anthony 
UK CH Garrymhor Souriya 
UK CH Ashna of Ghazni (UK) 
 Westmill Chaya 
 Jalalabad Judana 
 Jalalabad Amir 
 Garrymhor Ghulam Nabi 
 Westmill Marana 
 Chitor of Enriallic 
 Asman of Ghazni 
 Chimoso of Enriallic 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 7/12/2020
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