Hakim of Grandeur 
 Male Afghan Hound 

 Fatima’s Ma Khmal Khan 

Color: b\m fawn

 Nadir Khan 
 Tazi of Beg Tute (Afgh.import into USA)
 Saki of Paghman (Afgh. import into USA)
Am Ch Fatima’s Daughter Peri 
AM CH Tufan of Ainsdart 
UK CH Sirdar of Ghazni 
 Ku-Mari of Kaf 
 Khan of Earl Soham 
 Kushdil of Earl Soham (India)

AM CH Khanhasset Ginger of Grandeur 

AM CH Ali Khyber 
Am. & mult BIS Can.Ch. Rudiki of Prides Hill 
INT CH Badshah of Ainsdart 
AM CH Shireen of Prides Hill 
 Pommelrock Kashan 
 Nerone of Pommelrock 
 Hamara of Pommelrock 
 Far Away Loo 
 Shaitan Bedar 
INT CH Badshah of Ainsdart 
 Zahera of Prides Hill 
INT CH Badshah of Ainsdart 
 Westmill Taree 
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