Navajoa’s Wolfe Queen 
Sable/Red/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 11/7/1995 

 Sandcastles Rock Solid 

Color: Rd/Wh

MBIS/MBISS AM/CAN CH Innisfree Fire And Frost CGC
AM/CAN CH Innisfree’s Brannigan 
MEX CH Innisfree’s Willit Run 
CH Innisfree’s Chandalar Sage 
 Innisfree’s She-Ari 
BIS/BISS AM/CAN CH Innisfree Return Engagement CD
CH Turick’s Tulik Of Yeso Pac 
CH Amaroq N Roll 
CAN CH Arahaz’ Kusak 
 Arahaz’ Velvet Hammer 
CH Arahaz’ Elizaveta 
AM/CAN CH Arahaz’ Baba 
 Arahaz’ the Wrath of Khan 
 Arahaz’ Chayu Mod 

 Denili Nanucks Joy 

Color: Black/White

 Sandcastles’s Ben Hurr 
CH Snoking’s Black Magic 
MBIS/BISS CH Kiev’s The Magician 
AM/CAN CH Snoking’s Gold Rush 
 Sandcastle’s Bossy Lady 
 Snoking’s Sand Castle 
 Katrina Kolima 
 Trophy’s Firett 
 Prince Kanook Of Mitka 
 Frosty Karnovanda Of Glyndon 
 Kyia II Of Cambria 
 Sir Karick Of Good 
 Peaches IV 
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