Eng CH Cliffmere Acclaim for Ralines 
Red Male Dachshund  Whelped: 4/12/1995 

Eng CH Kizzhar Kavalcade 

Color: Red

Eng CH Wildstar Wroyal Command 
Eng CH Wildstar Wizzard 
Eng CH Rhinestar Southern Comfort 
 Wildstar Sweet Sensation 
 Wildstar Witches Girl 
Eng CH Grasteve Limelight of Rhinestar 
Eng CH Wildstar Witchcraft 
Eng CH Kizzhar Kerrygold 
Eng CH Malleda Midnight Sirocco 
Eng CH Southcliff Sonosash 
 Southcliff Shady Lady 
 Malleda Mi Lady Liza 
 Jasper Jim of Larac 
 Southcliff Shady Lady 

 Cliffmere Sage 

Eng CH Wolferlow Roxy Music at Albaney 
Eng CH Toffee Dapple From Tanska With Tarkotta 
Eng CH Tanska Quality Street 
 Torwood Chocolate Chip 
 Shady Lady of Yazor 
 Forestway Great Expectations 
 Yazor Canderell 
 Rorabuja Franchesca of Cliffmere 
Eng CH Southcliff Starsky 
Eng CH Coobeg Rubus at Southcliff 
Eng CH Southcliff Sweet Music 
 Rorabuja Son Princess 
Eng CH Woodreed Neddie 
 Rorabuja Black Magic 
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