Easy-line Mary 
Tricolour Female Beagle  Whelped: 7/29/1979 

 Dunn Little Rascal 

Color: Tricolour

FC Royal Run Rascal 
FC Meddlesome Needler 
FC Nedwood Bubbles 
 Strip’s Buzz Bomb Black Gal 
FC Vaultrot’s Little Joe 
FC Westbank Tiny Tim 
 Vaultrot’s Beauty 
 Red Bank Buzz-buzz 

 Hi Hill Tennille 

Color: Tricolour

 Del Ray Benji 
 Hi Hill Pepper II 
FC Pearson Creek Pepper III 
 Tommy’s River Boat Sally 
 Hi Hill Bobby June 
 Hi Hill Trampest 
 Hi Hill Peg 
 Hi Hill Lucy 
FWR Hi Hill Chigger 
FC Hi Cliff Blackey 
 Hi Hill Bessie 
 Hi Hill Elvira 
FC Bondsman’s Bo 
 Hi Hill Wendy 
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