Snowy Storm Of Fenwood 
Gr/Wh Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 4/27/1995 

 Taku of Pine Creek 

Color: rd wh

 King of Pine Creek 
 River View’s Sundance 
 North Wind’s Rex 
 North Wind’s Robin 
 River View’s Drifter 
 Kanangnark’s El Tigre 
 Kanangnark’s Alisha 
 Copper Princess of Yukon 
 Andromeda’s Red Devil 
 Sandyhill’s Herness’ Bullet 
 Tally’s Girl 
 Tanya Of The Taskan Basin 
 Sekoonda Seenee of Monadnock 
 Golrusk’s Taku Of The Ledge 

 Porshe Carrera Kloos 

Color: gr wh

 Koko Falls 
 Peter Of Sepp-Alta 
 Hercules Of Sepp-Alta SDX
 Uelen’s Ali (Of Sepp-Alta) 
 River View’s Starr Dust 
 River View’s Radar 
 River View’s Tasha 
 J And W Winter Azure 
 Skinners Woodland Apache 
 Norska’s Bachka Toklat 
 Dusty of Shantar 
 Skinners Woodland Shy Shu 
 Shu Shu II 
 Sheba Vandue 
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