Northridges Black Onyxs Mistic 
Agouti/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 12/18/2009 

 Northridges Goliath’s Artic Thunder 

Color: Red/White

 Dakota’s Blue Mountain Peak 
 Aurora’s Artic Thunder 
 Major General Lobo 
 Tundra Artic 
 Aurora’s Spirit Of The North 
 Toby The Great 
 Aurora’s Alexandra Snowqueen 
 Blue Glacier’s Snazy Danolie 
 Kuchuk Shay-Kaw Paq 
 Naboo Mighty Quinn 
 Princess Valentines White Rose 
 Cool Breeze’s Polar Bear Blues 
 Cool Breeze’s Summer Snowburst 

 Night-Owls Black Onyx 

Color: Black/White

 Little Dickens In A Tuxedo 
 Snowborn’s Dream Taker Kruger 
CH Snoking’s Clean Sweep 
 Snowborn’s Dirty Lil 
 Eulenhof Lt Dickens Tequila 
 Karnovanda’s William Fox 
 Eulenhof’s Rhapsody In Blue 
 Little Dickens Precious Pup 
 Eulenhof Lt Dickens Malaky 
 Eulenhof’s Watch My Flames 
 Eulenhof’s Meiska 
 Eulenhof Lt Dickens Tequida 
 Karnovanda’s William Fox 
 Eulenhof’s Meiska 
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