Frerose Sophie 
 Female Shiba Inu 

CH Fanfair’s-Do-It-My-Way 

CH Kiyotakamaru Go Nidai-Maneisow 
 Etchuu Takahachiro Go Etchuu-Maneiso 
 Shungikume Go Nidai-Maneisow 
CH Sea-Breeze-Miss-Behavin 
CH Sea-Breeze-The-Sundance-Kid 
SCA CH Avon-Cleansweep Of Sea-Breeze 
 Hidemi Gotenbaozawa 
SCA CH Avon-Cleansweep Of Sea-Breeze 
SCA CH Lietash-Whirling-Dervish 

CH Frerose Cupie Doll 

Color: Red

SCA CH Suzuhomare Go Yoshimatsu-Kensha 
 Otomi No Kadoichi 
 Yurihime Go Yoshimatsu-Kensha 
 Frerose Miko 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 1/20/2019
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