Darey Doe’s On The Money Rip NSPC FCGD
B/T Male Beagle 

 darey does on the money 

FC Postoak Little Nip Otis 
FC In-Line Blackjack 
 In-Line Canoe Winks-Stub-Ee 
 Memes Pretty Princess 
 Postoak Nikkie 
FC Shoal Creek Hank Williams 
 R And S Diamond In The Ruff 
 postoak lucie 
 Postoak Skid Roe Joe 
FC Postoak Little Nip Otis 
 Postoak Can-Dee 
 Postoak Katy Did 
FC Postoak Little Nip Otis 
 Gipson Sho N Tel 

 darey does on line hussle’n hope 

FC Tucker Run Kid Mokie Bear 
FC Coleman’s Controller’s Kid 
FC Coleman’s Line Controller HOF
 Shook’s True Love 
 Tucker Run Tiny Luci Belle 
FC Browns La Bull Gator 
 V & R’s Harvey’s Pearl 
 Kill’s Creek Hillbilly Little Dixie 
 Arnolds Super Sport 
 V-St Queenie 
FC Wade’s Elm Street Cody 
FC Mike’s Lock On Lucy 
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