CH Syntari’s Starstruck 
gray/white Male Siberian Husky  Whelped: 12/18/2016 

Am/Can/PH GCH/CH Wolvereen Starlight Starbright 

Color: Grey/White

CH Syntari’s Filbert 
BISS/BV Am/Can CH Rainy Nights Debut Of Syntari AOM
AM/CAN CH Sahara’s Snowdancer 
CH Bldiask’s Prime Time Toots 
CH Huskavarna’s Minimum Wage CDX
CH Arcticrest’s Natural Rhythm 
CH Kontoki’s Pick-Up Artist 
MBISS AM GR CH/CAN/SAfr CH Wolvereen She-Bear 
BPISS/BPIS CAN CH/SAfr CH The Wild Card Of Wolvereen 
BPIS SAfr CH Indigo Arctic Symphony 
BISS SAfr CH Wolvereen In Free Spirit 
SAfr CH Wolvereen Nordic Empress 
BIS/BISS SAfr CH Kamchatka Icon King HDOO
 Wolvereen Aurora Shadows 

 Syntari’s The Lucky One 

Color: Gray/White

CH Syntari’s Peregrin Took 
 Syntari’s Hey Arnold 
 Syntari’s The Ringer 
 Syntari’s Elementary, My Dear 
CAN CH Reigning Pushinka Fire Opal 
BIS/BISS CAN CH/AM/INT CH Pushinka’s The Specialist 
 Syntari Reigning At Pushinka 
 Syntari’s Fox ’N Sox 
 Syntari’s The Ringer 
AM/PHIL CH Syntari’s Toys R Us 
 Syntari’s Inside Look 
AM/CAN CH Syntari’s Me Oh Myah 
 Syntari’s White Russian 
 Syntari’s Heat Of The Moment 
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