Pinto Hollow’s Sonyador 
copper & white Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 12/26/2017 

 Wildheart’s Rocko of Pinto Hollow 

Color: copper & white

 WildHearts Legend of Jack Thrash 
 Copperhead’s Waiting On Sundown 
 Midnight Warlock At Copperhead 
 Ban Sidhe Firewitch At Copperhead 
 WildHearts Foxy Roxy 
 Wildhearts Pet Anacona 
 Wild Hearts Shadow Dancer 
 WildHearts Isis Egyptian Princess 
 Aspen King Of Fairy Meadows 
 The Cisko Kid 
 Kemper Kounty Keeper 
 Bunkie Goss 
 Bleau Snow Deman Earnest 
 Happy Hollows Princess Alaska 

 Pinto Hollow’s Deli Salsa Richo 

Color: Red & White

 Pinto Hollow’s Richochet 
 Chipper Snow Cloud 
 Alex The Great Elliott 
 Sammie Girl Elliott 
 Genie Make Me A Wish 
 Barron Rred Sunset 
 Sweetie Girl Sealy 
 Blu Mtn’s Delilah 
 Blu Mtn’s Tatonka 
 Nuggetuk BLK Drac Of She-Mar 
 Blu Mtn’s Twist N’ Shout 
 Blu Mtn’s Indian Princess 
 Blue Mtn War Chant 
 Nuggetuk’s Brown Sugar 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 6/2/2020
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