Abs. 1 FC UKC-CH UWP UFR Hatler’s Prince Charming 
Black and Tan Male Dachshund  Whelped: 2/17/2007 

 Duke Maxwell McBeckelveen 

Color: Balck and Cream

 Royal Flax Of Palace Pasty JP 
 w. Friedeman Bach of Gold Realm JP 
 Aristocrat Of Sweet Home Imai 
 Amabile Cream Of Gold Realm 
 Arabesque Of Natural World JP 
 Arm Of Pink Soldier 
 Dorothy Of Mountain Hero 
 English Ike Gigi Sioux 
 Cream Dreamie Ike ML 
 Rich-Mar’s Lakota Sioux 
 Rich-Mar’s Red Jet 
 Shanda Sioux 

 Miss Blanch McBeckelveen 

Color: Black and Tan

 Ryan’s Ben 
 C And L Rerod 
 Corrigans Roddy 
 Corrigans Oreo 
 C And LS Patsy 
 Ryan’s Harriet ML 
 Ryan’s Boaz 
 Ryan’s Cavelle 
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