Int Eng Ir CH Jeremy Fisher of Hoylin 
 Male Dachshund 

Eng CH John of Mornyvarna 

Color: red

Eng CH Marcus of Mornyvarna 
 Otto of Mornyvarna 
 Otto v Tanzenwerder 
 Meadowsweet of Primrosepatch 
 Mitzi of Mornyvarna 
 Black Watch of Primrosepatch 
 Bluebell of Alfenburg 
 Dinah of Mornyvarna 
 Marcus of Heatherdene 
 Carol of Mornyvarna 
 Robsvarl Martin 
 Mitzi of Mornyvarna 

 Hopeborough Jasmine 

 Primrosepatch Roseberry 
 Primrosepatch Gremlin 
 Black Watch of Primrosepatch 
 Rytona Red Rouching 
Eng CH Primerose Patch Miss Mouse 
 Red Lancer of Primrosepatch 
 Polly Perkins of Primrosepatch 
 Hearslea Gipsy 
 Ceasar of Hearslea 
 Primrosepatch Victory 
 Hearslea Jollee 
 Primrosepatch Gipsy Princess 
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