AM/CAN CH Unicornhill Storybook Romance 
Red/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 5/23/2011 

BISS/BPISS CAN CH Blueridge Farren Unicornhill 

Color: Dk Red/White

BISS/MBPISS CH Huskavarna’s As Good As It Gets 
MBIS CAN/AM CH Blueridge Soma’s Stingray 
BIS/MBISS CH Marjestic Kadyak’s Metallic 
AM/CAN CH Blueridge Soma’s Tickled Pink 
CH Huskavarna I Hope You Dance 
MBISS CH Kristari’s Skrimshaw Romeo 
SAfr/AM CH Foxfire Rain Dancer 
MBISS AM/CAN CH Blueridge Soma Ginger Rogers 
MBIS/BISS AM/CAN CH Kadyak’s Native Dancer 
CH Kadyak’s Remembered In Red 
CH Kadyak’s Flo-Jo 
AM/CAN CH Blueridge Soma’s Tickled Pink 
AM/CAN CH Dardian’s Walk This Way 
CH Blueridge Soma Frequent Flyer 

RBIS CAN CH/AM CH Whisperin’ Pines The Skys The Limit 

CH Starlyte’s Heartbeat Of America 
BISS AM/CAN CH Karasmova’s Czar Nicholas 
CH Innisfree Irish Derby 
CH Karasmova’s Blue Bayou 
AM/CAN CH Starlyte’s Made In America 
CH Innisfree’s Heir of Hennacor 
 Karasmova’s Cassiopeia 
 Whisperin’ Pines Talkin’ Furbish RN
AM/CAN CH Nando’s Garbenzo Bean 
BISS AM/CAN CH Karasmova’s Czar Nicholas 
BISS CH Innisfree Zoya Bean 
 Whispering Pines Roadrunner 
CH Innisfree Teeco M.L.K. 
 Helle Av Hviskende Furer 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 10/29/2020
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