Little Angel Coco Puff 
Red/White Female Siberian Husky 

 Bandit Hunter Of Liberty 

Color: Gray/White

 Give Me Liberty Patrick Henry 
 Bj’s Tacoma Of White Ice 
 White Ice Of DBL Oak Husky’s 
 Reme Of DBL Oak Husky Ranch 
 Chelsea Kayla 
 White Ice Of DBL Oak Husky’s 
 Nanook Pawag Barocas 
 America Sweet Land Of Liberty 
 McCurdy Curvin Mighty Samson 
 Apollo Of Kilpatrick 
 Just A Little Cheyenne Baby 
 Queen Of The Nile Cleopatra 
 Geronimo’s White Warrior 
 Hands Meka Of Paradise 

 Saddie Angel Of The Valley 

Color: Red/White

 Mie Yukon Flash 
 Haley’s Chelsea Rose 
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