Bandit Of Mishorlak 
Blk/Wh Male Siberian Husky  Whelped: 7/29/1969 

CH Hawk Of Little Alaska 

Color: Fawn/Rd/Wh

 Sunday Of Little Alaska 
 Foxstand’s Sunday 
 Polaris Of Sapawe 
 Foxstand’s Sukey 
 Chimo Of Little Alaska 
 Gromko Of Bow Lake 
 Zima II Of Little Alaska 
 Lobo Of Little Alaska 
 Leonard Of Penn Forest 
 Suggen Of Bow Lake 
 Czarina Of Gatineau 
 Dagwong Of Little Alaska 
 Nicko Of Gatineau 
 Zima Of Monadnock 

 Mishorlak’s Princess Agonack 

Color: Blk/Wh

 Kanangnark’s Jake 
 Nanuk Of Seppala 
 Bryar’s Zircon 
 Vanka of Timberland 
 Sonya’s Torger 
 Akia’s Kenai of Timberland 
 Princess Niki of Gray Ghost CD
 Storm King 
 Count Eric 
 Princess Suki 
 Princess Suzie Bell 
 Tinker Bell 
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