BPIS SAfr CH Kamchatka Hip-Hip Hooray 
Silver Grey/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 11/15/2006 

 Indigo Wizard Of Oz At Kamchatka 

Color: Grey/Wh

BIS/BISS SAfr CH Kamchatka Icon King HDOO
BISS SAfr CH Kamchatka Thunder Fire 
SAfr CH Innisfree Golden Frost Of Chukchis 
SAfr CH Chukchis Xmas Eve Of Kamchatka 
MBVISS/RBISS SAfr CH Kamchatka Shakti Khan 
BIS SAfr CH Foxfire Arcticlite Kahn Of Kamchatka 
SAfr CH Chukchis Akitashi Of Kamchatka 
AM/CAN CH Innisfree Pearl O’Kivalina 
BISS CH Innisfree’s Arctic Ranger 
CH Innisfree’s Fire Starter 
 Innisfree’s Hailey 
AM/CAN CH Kivalina’s Capuchin 
MBISS AM CH/CAN CH Tullemore’s All In The Family 
CH Kivalina’s I’m The One 

SAfr CH Nanook’s Juno Jubilee Of Kamchatka 

Color: Silver Grey/White

CAN CH Nanook’s Turn the Page 
CH Kavacha Sterling Czar 
BISS CH Karchu’s Sierra Sundance 
BISS CH Sierra’s Kavacha Yellow Rose 
CAN CH Nanook’s Footprints of Shisaido 
MBIS CAN CH Shisaido’s Run To Excel Nanook 
CAN CH Tiktauyok’s Arluk of Nanook 
CAN CH Karnovanda’s Minerva II 
BISS AM CH/CAN CH Karnovanda Born On The Fourth 
MBIS/MBISS CH Kontoki’s Dennis The Menace 
 Karnovanda Lightning Strike 
 Karnovanda’s Fortissimo 
BIS/BISS CH Tymberlynes Echo Call Vegas 
 Karnovanda’s Askala Felena 
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