Mai Lokie Of Chester 
Wlf Gr/Wh Male Siberian Husky  Whelped: 5/3/1979 

 Thor Of Snowlane 

Color: Gray/White

 Artic Thor 
 Chatanika’s Tukemo 
AM/CAN CH Tuk Of Natomah CD
 Snomound’s Miska 
 Tukemmo’s Miska 
CH. Natomah’s Zhivago 
CH Natomah’s Kee Na CD
 Silver Snow Thistle 
 Echo Inuk Of Silver King 
 Brown’s Silver King 
 Holly Little Angel Of Diana 
 Princess Kipnuk 
AM/CAN CH Tuk Of Natomah CD
 Tiny Kateenah 

 Cessia Valentina Davis 

Color: Blk/Wh

 Vaal’s Garm Auf Midgard 
 Malick Of North Land 
 Kiska Of Chu-Nik Ken 
 Kenai Of Northland 
 Miss-Ty-Rena Of Northern Wind 
CH Keluk Of Martha Lake 
 Tonya Tawnika Of Martha Lake 
 Saprina Freheit Niswonger 
 Yakoshih Of Baltic 
 Skye Of Baltic 
 Kia Of Baltic 
 Karnovanda’s Karazenda 
AM/CAN CH Baron Of Karnovanda CD
CH Karen’s Token Of Karnovanda CD
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