Gilkey’s Miss Smokey Niki 
 Female Beagle 

FC Bullocks Creek Smoke 

FCH & CHB Double M’s Cocoa Bear 
 Greenwoods Blue Creek Bear 
FC Piney Creek Bear 
 Greenwood Jody Blue 
FCH & CHB Double M’s Southern Belle 
 Double M’S Buzz Buster 
 Double M’s Chigger 
 Bullocks Creek Jane Ann 
FC Budd’s Little Hokie High 
FC Hidden Hill Lucky 
 Belles Neck Molly 
 Bullocks Creek Tina II 
CH Buzz Saw’s Shocker 
 Bullocks Creek Little Bit 

FC Smokey Mtn Nickie Nichole 

FC Greenwood’s Playboy 
 B and W’s Hard Luck Playboy 
FC Del Ray Stubby 
 Loy’s Skipper 
 Brook Haven Trickster 
 Hi Hill Buzzard Wing 
 Hi Hill Sweet Talk II 
 Flintgaps Betty Sue 
 Coleman’s Inspector 
FC Buzz Line Director HOF
 Blue Candy III 
 Loys Summer Time 
 Hoo-Doo-Burt’s Hoo-Doo 
 Burris Twin Lakes Dimple 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 12/11/2018
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