Johnson’s Siberian Soul 
red and white Female Siberian Husky 

 Cindys Red Cody 

Color: Rd/Wh

 Shaquille VI 
 Bucky XI 
 Smokey’s Baby Shasta 
 Nika The Guardian Of Tundra 
 Kodiak Trader Dunbar 
 Sheena The Queen Of Woodsnow 
 Sasha The Springfield Queen 
 Samson D Bear 
 Red Ginger’s Pepper 
 Red Ginger’s Dana 
 Nanook Snow Princess 
 Sitka Snow King 
 Nikita Snow Queen 

 Precious Jewell 

Color: Red and White

 Dark Dakota Blue 
 Sparky Sappahire Blue 
 Buster Allen Crabb 
 Nikita The Pooter Skooter 
 Precious Lady Subrina 
 T-Bar’s Prince Ty-Lar 
 Sonya Lynn Feather 
 Princess Cocoa Red 
 Rusty Leamus 
 She Tom’s Queen Of Oak 
 Shewbacca’s Kunta Fearwof 
 Rustys Red War Eagle 
 Robert’s Nikki 
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