Am CH Just-A-Wyn’s Rosemanor Wolfman 
mahogany w black Male Belgian Tervuren  Whelped: 3/8/2004 

UCDX, U-AGCH, BIS, BISS, Am CH Sunset’s Orion After Dark CDX, AX, AXJ, OAP, OJP, HIC, C-BAR

Color: mahogany w black

sr98, Can BISS, Can CH Klaar Perfect Grys Geest C/P-BAR
Am & Can CH Perfect of the Two CD, HIC, C/O/P-BAR
multi V1, Belg CH Jonathan of the Two CAC, CACIB, CQN, SelB88, SelT91
sr Milady of the Two CAC, CACIB, SelB89
 Ombre de la Quievre C-BAR
RE Dandy du Chemin des Dames (LOF 35257) CAC
RE, JW Gitane de la Quievre 
Am CH Bilgay’s Winter Sky at Sunset C/O/P-BAR
Am CH Tacara’s Camarade Chivas CD, HIC, TT, C/P-BAR
Am CH Tacara’s Czarka de Epris 
BIS, multi BISS, Am CH Fox Hollow’s Lothlorien BH, UD, TD, HIC, TT, C/O-BAR
Am CH Bilgay’s Lady Fergie of Siedah CDX, C/O/P-BAR
HTCH, Am CH Glenoak Eclair for Maplewood CD, STDds, C/O/P-BAR
Am CH Bilgay’s Dark Mystery CD, Can CD, C/O-BAR

Am CH Shumaker Hills Just-A-Wyn-E Pooh 

Color: mahogany w black

Am CH Rockaway’s Silver Wings TDI
Am CH Crestar’s Destyn HIC, C/O-BAR
Am CH Commander’s Fire Away CD, C/O-BAR
Am CH Hossana du Masque Noir CD, C/O-BAR
Am CH Rockaway’s Wild Card O’Sunwise HIC, TT
Am CH StarBright Bonne Chance PDII, CDX, TD, Can TD, HIC, C/O-BAR
 Hollandia van de Peelparels 
Am CH Norheath’s Caprice d’Atim C/P-BAR
Am & Can CH Atim’s St Denis Can CD, HIC
Am CH Hi Times Quirk of Pinkcliffs C-BAR
Am & Can CH Starwind’s Belique at Atim Can CD, C-BAR
Can BIS, Can BISS, Can CH Atim’s Mirande at Norheath Can CD, HIC, AKC ptd
Can CH Muku van de Hoge Laer 
 Atim’s Tanis 
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