Clyde Bandit Emrick 
Black and White Male Siberian Husky 

 Blue’s Tecumseh Sherman 

Color: Black/White

 Blue Eyed Mikki Dee 
 Lone Timber Wolfe 
AM/CAN CH Karnovanda’s Viktor Groznyi 
 Bobby T’s Crystal Pistol 
 Snow Queen of Sheeba Wolfe 
 Ukon’s White Russian of Mijo 
 Mijo’s Snowhite Stardust 
 Tlc’s Scarlett O’Hairy 
 Spirit Eyes Of The Night 
 Tsaravitch Prince Of Wolves 
 Kpacota Peoehok Natasha 
 Desert Skies Of Sheba 
 Shining Star Of The North 
 Cheynne Mali 

 Sarena’s Starshadow Of Sepp 

Color: Black/White

 Sepp-Lok’s Quest 
 Narles Of Sepp-Alta 
 Hercules Of Sepp-Alta SDX
 Uelen’s Ali (Of Sepp-Alta) 
 Lilac of Clearlake 
 Quezar Of Sepp-Alta 
 Kate Of Spirit Wind 
 Riverdance’s Medusa 
 Sepp-Lok’s Orion (Of Sepp-Alta) 
 River View’s Animal 
 Sepp-Lok’s Wilderness Image 
 Xpottie Of Sepp-Alta 
 Cat Of Sepp-Alta 
 Sepp-Lok’s Dishaun 
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