Fullmoons Artic Timberwolf 
Gray & White Male Siberian Husky 

 Baileys Grayghost Of Zeus 

Color: Gray/White

 Shilos Fury 
 Bitterroots Fireball 
 Redfire Of Wineburg 
 Homesteads Blue Sapphire 
 Hi-Lines Grey Coat Fury 
 Ashlyn Blue 
 Homestead’s Red Wolf 
 Kagee’s Sandy 
 Pinehill’s Kopper Penny 
 Homestead’s Red Jester 
 Homestead’s Rasputin 
 Homestead’s Arctic Susitna 

 Homestead’s Hin Wakan O’Leia 

Color: White

 Homestead’s Kiwani Wakan 
 Catawba’s Panda Bear 
 Karnovanda’s Cherokee Chant 
 Innisfree’s Misha of Catawba 
 Homestead’s Morning Star 
 Homestead’s Rasputin 
 Turnagain’s Ballerina 
 Homestead’s Princess Leia 
 Montana Of Stoli 
 Stoli XII 
 White From Nizhne-Kolymsk 
 Seargent Yukon Hunter 
 Katz Notorious Nanook 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 6/24/2019
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