Ayuka’s Angel Of Distruction 
Grey/White Male Siberian Husky  Whelped: 11/9/2018 

 Huricane’s Ayuka’s Brave Heart 

Color: Grey/White

BIS/BISS CAN CH/BIS GR AM CH Blueridge Soma’s Mel Gibson 
MBIS CAN/AM CH Blueridge Soma’s Stingray 
BIS/MBISS CH Marjestic Kadyak’s Metallic 
AM/CAN CH Blueridge Soma’s Tickled Pink 
CH CAN/AM Blueridge Soma’s Forget Me Not 
MBIS/BISS AM/CAN CH Kadyak’s Native Dancer 
AM/CAN CH Dardian’s Chablis 
 Pvt Stk Dynamite Doll 
CAN/AM/LUX/GIB/SPAN CH Nanook’s Blast From The Past 
MBIS CAN CH Innisfree TNT At Nanook 
 Nanook’s Blue Moon 
CH Pvt-Stk Glo-Star’s Lady In Red 
BIS AM/CAN/INT CH Alcinta’s Huricane Brimstone 
CH Alcinta’s Pretty Woman 

 Ayuka’s Polar Dream 

Color: red/white

BISS IT CH Thunder And Lightning della Contea Normanna 
IT CH Huricane’s Smoking Hot at Contea Normanna 
BIS/BISS CAN CH/BIS GR AM CH Blueridge Soma’s Mel Gibson 
CH Pvt-Stk Glo-Star’s Lady In Red 
 Chrisdon’s Neverending Story 
MBIS/MBISS AM CH/MBIS CAN CH Highlander’s Austin Powers SD, AOM SHCA'05,09,10, SHCA Top Stud Dog'02,09
AM/CAN CH Chrisdon’s Brown Eyes Blue 
CH Ayuka’s Chanel Essence 
IT CH Highlander’s Double Down 
MBISS AM CH/CAN CH Highlander’s Go For Broke SDX/AOM
BISS AM/CAN CH Yukonwind’s Star Of Highlander AOM
EUR/INT/IT/RSM/REP CH/IT Jr CH Ayukas Almost Unreal 
EURO Jr CH/REP CH Sweeps del Karraces 
 Ice King’s Excalibur 
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