CH Shapali’s Painted Pandemonium 
Grey/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 12/10/2001 

CAN CH Sarabe’s Bleau Suede Shoes 

Color: Gray/White

AM/CAN CH Kainai’s Quinn The Eskimo 
CAN CH Kainai’s Apache 
AM/CAN CH Kossok’s Patch Of Bleu 
CAN CH Kainai’s Klondike Kate 
CH Karnovanda’s Juneau 
CH Quiquern’s Silver Shadow 
 Karnovanda’s Evening Storm 
CAN CH Karnovanda’s Minerva II 
BISS AM CH/CAN CH Karnovanda Born On The Fourth 
MBIS/MBISS CH Kontoki’s Dennis The Menace 
 Karnovanda Lightning Strike 
 Karnovanda’s Fortissimo 
BIS/BISS CH Tymberlynes Echo Call Vegas 
 Karnovanda’s Askala Felena 

Can UKC RBIS CH Shapali’s Impulsive Poison Ivy 

Color: Light Red & White

BIS AM CH/MBIS/BISS CAN CH/INT CH Stormwarning Calm B4 The Storm 
AM/CAN CH Aurluk’s Nikita Sunrise 
BIS AM/CAN CH Simayak’s Atari Outlaw 
 Simayak’s Total Eclipse 
CAN CH Octobersun’s Stormwarning Echo 
CAN CH Ihalmuit’s American Dream 
CAN CH Octobersun’s Autumn Splendor 
Can CH/UKC BIS CH Cardium’s Cinful Cinnibar 
AM/CAN CH Ice’s Cardium Andalusite 
AM/CAN CH Blueridge-Soma’s Billy Idol 
AM/CAN CH Ice’s The Spirit Soars 
CAN CH Blueridge Soma Cardium Kyanite 
 Tullemore’s Blueridge Buoy 
 Snowmist’s Unique 
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