Nordic Soul Continental Love 
Black and white Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 8/15/2019 

Vice JWW15 BPIS Jalerran’s Armageddon 

Color: Grey/White

CH Black Jack Speigas 
BIS/BJIS Jr CH LITH/CH LAT/EST/BALT/CAN/MBISS AMCH Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas 
MBIS/MBISS AM GR CH/CAN CH Coventry’s Peace Negotiator AOM
MBIS CAN/AM GR CH Davik’s Snowmist Ice Fox AOM/CGN
 Snowmist’s Rich Image 
BISS/MBPISS CH Huskavarna’s As Good As It Gets 
MBIS/MBISS CAN GR CH/Ex AM CH Snowmist’s Legally Blonde AOM/CGN/RN
BPISS CH Huskavarna’s Perfect Angel 
BIS/BISS CAN CH/AM CH Huskavarna’s Perfect To A T 
CH Huskavarna’s Wickedly Perfect 
CH Huskavarna’s Point Of Grace 
MBIS/MBISS CH Seeonees Point Blank MAOM/CGC
CH Huskavarna Bring On The Rain 

 Northkenda’s Princess Moon 

Color: Black/White

CHI Jr CH/CHI CH Dynasty’s Ice Cube 
GR CH Karnovanda’s Academy Award 
BIS AM/CAN CH Karnovanda’s The Future King 
CH Karnovanda’s Eskimo Pie II 
CH Karnovanda’s Ice Crystal 
MBISS CH Karnovanda’s Micah II 
 Karnovanda’s Pollyanna 
CHI JCH/ CHI CH Attraction Lady Hydrargium 
AM/POL CH Tokima’s Northwest Passage 
BIS/MBISS CH Karnovanda’s North By Northwest AOM
CH Karnovanda’s Kenzi II 
SLOV CH Daylight Siberian Lady of Hydrargium 
INT/POL/SLOV CH/Jr SLOV CH Easy Rider Hydrargium 
MULTI CH Blue Eyes Of Siberian Lady 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 8/14/2020
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