Oromeo Amara 
b/m apricot Female Afghan Hound  Whelped: 7/26/1969 

 Ravenwood’s Abdul of Thega 

Color: b/m golden

Am CH Crown Crest Jhet of Ravenwood 
AM CH Crown Crest Mr Jhan-Jhan 
AM CH Crown Crest Mr Universe 
AM CH Hope 
 Gai Day’s Enchantment 
AM. Can. BIS CH Shirkhan of Grandeur 
 Mariah of Grandeur 
AM CH Ravenswood Amber 
AM CH Crown Crest Vegas Ghamblr of Belden 
AM CH Crown Crest Khanazad 
 Crown Crest Safari Sand-Star 
AM CH Ravenswood Bronze Star 
AM CH Crown Crest Mr Universe 
 Crown Crest Zarzanya 

 Stri-Kyng Anya of Indianwood 

Color: b/m apricot

Am.Ch. Soroya Khiczar 
AM CH Crown Crest Mr Vanguard 
AM CH Crown Crest Mr Universe 
 Crown Crest Kuchi 
Am.Ch. Khieba of Tajmir 
AM CH Karli Ben Ghazi 
AM CH Crown Crest Khittiku CD
 Stri-Kyng Orange Blossom 
AM CH Zaamarakuri of Ghazni 
AM CH Zaadulla of Arthea 
 Winonie of Ghazni 
Am Ch Dureigh’s Shady Lady of Hillbanks 
AM CH Dureigh’s Dark Victory 
Am. ch. Dureigh’s Dawn 
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