Tucker Run Tiny Luci Belle 
 Female Beagle 

FC Browns La Bull Gator 

FC Still Water Tiny Bull 
 Canoe Creek Billy Joe 
 Canoe Creek England Dan 
FC Canoe Creek Dominoe 
 Still Water Martha White 
FC Still Water Uncle Ben 
 Still Water Blue Mary Lou 
FC Thorn Gap Dark Valene 
FC Thorn Gap Bad Jack 
 ABC Spike’s Image 
 Thorn Gap Jane 
 Swallow’s Flopsey 

 V & R’s Harvey’s Pearl 

FC Fast Delivery Little Harvey 
FC Luci Van Little Man 
 Luci-Van Boog 
 Luci-Van Nancy 
 Star City Belle 
FC Tilley’s Stub 
 White Oaks Blackie 
 FC Still Water Pearly White 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 9/22/2019
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