WildHearts Nightmare of the Afterlife 
Agouti & White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 8/8/2019 

 WildHearts Keeper of Secrets 

Color: Agouti/white

 Hades Inferno Roberts 
 Jack’s Rising Phoenix 
 J-Mag’s Silver King 
 C-Bar Country Bonnie 
 Riley’s Lexi 
 Riley’s Mighty Max 
 Tr’s Miley 
 MoonBeam Roberts 
 Sitka Alaska Roberts 
 Brayden’s Demon 
 Kirk’s Princess Miki 
 IssaBella Bean Roberts 
 Kahlua Cyberian Husky 
 Taco Belle II 

 WildHearts AElla The Whirl Wind 

Color: Agouti/White

 WildHearts Fire Of The Night 
 Copperhead’s Waiting On Sundown 
 Midnight Warlock At Copperhead 
 Ban Sidhe Firewitch At Copperhead 
 WildHearts Issabell 
 Wildhearts Pet Anacona 
 Wild Hearts Shadow Dancer 
 willow’s unik of maxhaven 
 Nuck Nuck Of Kicking Deer 
 Howling Spirits Scooby 
 Roxy Skippy Davis 
 Weeping WIllow Of Maxhaven 
 J&J’s Jennifer’s Demon 
 Lauradales J & J Mia Blaze 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 6/3/2020
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