Ataro R 
 Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 9/14/2020 

 Ataro N Copy bPaste 

 A Perfect World by Sudden Sweetblack 
 Trishamar’s Sudden Impact 
AM/CAN CH Innisfree Ring Of Fire 
CAN CH Trishamar’s National Treasure 
 Dolce Nera 
IT CH Barland Bandit 
 Ariel Dell’Isola del Vento 
 Ever And Forever Mystic Woodland 
 Deep Impact Della Vanisella 
 Trishamar’s Sudden Impact 
 Bree Brightens And Star ’N’ Nordica 
CAN CH Nanooks Purple Haze Of The Sun 
INT CH/HUN CH/HUN GR CH Vannabe Of Nordica 

 Ataro N’Troyes Grain Ekaja 

 Nanook’s Diamond Sniego Sunys 
CAN CH Ideally Ice The Beginning Of Nunavik 
CAN/AM/LUX/GIB/SPAN CH Nanook’s Blast From The Past 
 Karasoma Mariflo 
 Nanook Shine On Crazy Diamond 
MBIS CAN CH Innisfree TNT At Nanook 
IT RBIS CH/CAN CH Calahari Cynder Stone 
 Helija Of Sniego Sunys 
BALT JCH Greystoke of Siberian Lady 
JrCH SERB/CH SERB Northkenda’s The Lord Of The Sands 
 Toya May of Siberian Lady WW
 Ekaja of Sniego Sunys 
CAN CH Nanooks Purple Haze Of The Sun 
 Balasandhya of Sniego Sunys 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 9/21/2020
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