AM CH Lipizzan’s Big Red Machine 
Red Male Afghan Hound  Whelped: 7/20/1971 

 Prince Bearnhart of Lipizzan 

Color: Silver

 Crown Crest Mr Lipizzan 
AM CH Crown Crest Mr Universe 
AM/DUTCH CH Ophaal of Crown Crest 
AM CH Hope 
 Crown Crest Cleopatra 
 Walishah of Carloway 
 Bombay’s Illusion of Grandeur 
 Czarina Katrina 
AM CH Cha Cha Cha of Shamalan 
AM CH Crown Crest Zardonx 
 Kara Bash of Shamalan 
Am CH Alisa (USA) 
AM CH Pamir Marco 
AM CH Kabul’s Carol of Patrician 

 Huzzah Rubiyat of Lipizzan 

Color: Red

Am CH Coastwind Gazebo 
 Akaba’s Allah Kazam 
 Akaba’s Royal Blue 
AM CH Akaba’s Know It All 
AM CH Shaadars Blajnhe of Karlyle 
 Shaadars Roi O’Argent Sijmon 
 Lakoyas Sijat Kashyan 
 Red Rock Duhst CD
 Crown Crest Zarjonx 
AM CH Crown Crest Zardonx 
AM CH Crown Crest Tae-Joan 
 Crown Crest Red Rock Luv CDX
AM CH Kabul’s Corsair of Patrician 
MEX CH Crown Crest Taejaona 
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