Glacier Of Hill Top Farm 
White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 10/13/1987 

 Nicholas Czar of Davis Hill 

Color: White

 Tiger Two Of Otego Valley 
 Tiger Of Otego Valley 
 Sno-Zeke Of Coventry 
 McCloud’s Princess Tara 
 Rusti of Otego Valley 
 Copper Chip of Otego Valley 
 Golden Girl of Otego Valley 
 Nika Of Otego York 
CH Eu-Mor’s Zhulek of Siber 
CH Fra-Mar’s Karo Mia Diavol 
CH Eu Mor’s Lara CD
 Tanya Of York 
 King XI 
 Artica Windham of York 

 Natasha Dov Briava 

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