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HTCH, UCD, Am CH Winjammers Without a Doubt CDX, Can CDX, OTDd
Female Belgian Tervuren 


Sire: Am & Can CH Darass de la Pouroffe CD, C/O-BAR
 Winjammers Quick Draw Coda  (M) 4/3/1986
 Winjammers Quaintly Coda HIC (F) 4/3/1986
Am CH Winjammers Quizical Coda HIC (F) 4/3/1986
HTCH Winjammers Quest for Coda CD, HIC, AKC mjr ptd (F) 4/3/1986
 Winjammers Coda Quasar  (M) 4/3/1986
 Winjammers Quick Coda HIC (F) 4/3/1986
 Winjammers Quixotic Coda HIC (M) 4/3/1986
HTCH Winjammers Quota for Coda CD, TD, HIC, AKC mjr ptd (M) 4/3/1986

Sire: UCD, HTCH, Am & Can CH Winjammers Sequel CDX, TD, OTDd, HIC
 Coda’s Comedy at Chateaugay CD, HIC (M) 4/1/1987
 Coda’s Satire CD, HIC, TT, CGC (F) 4/1/1987
 Coda’s Hot Off the Press CD, HCT, HIC, AKC ptd (F) 4/1/1987
 Coda’s Written In Stone HIC (M) 4/1/1987
 Coda’s Familiar Theme HIC (M) 4/1/1987
 Coda’s Fictional Existence HIC (F) 4/1/1987
 Coda’s Elysian Mystery  (M) 4/1/1987
 Coda’s Novel Idea HIC, AKC mjr ptd (M) 4/1/1987
 Coda’s Footnote  (M) 4/1/1987
 Coda’s Best Seller  (M) 4/1/1987
 Coda’s Rough Draft AKC ptd (M) 4/1/1987

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