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 Trinity Kennel’s O-Boomer 
Male Siberian Husky 


Dam:  Chugga Of En-Gi-Ed 
 Trinity Kennel’s Agor  (M) 6/27/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Atla  (M) 6/27/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Anouk II  (M) 6/27/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Aiko II  (M) 6/27/2000

Dam:  Snöexpressens Nala 
 Attila Of Amnesia  (M)

Dam:  Somerset Island Vpeddy 
 Somerset Island Baffy  (F) 9/20/2002
 Somerset Island Bprincess  (F) 9/20/2002
 Somerset Island Billy  (M) 9/20/2002

Dam:  Trinity Kennel’s Chris 
 Trinity Kennel’s Beau-Tok  (M) 9/29/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Banchin  (M) 9/29/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Baltic  (M) 9/29/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Brandy  (F) 9/29/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Beauy  (M) 9/29/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s B-Angel  (F) 9/29/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s B-Mickey  (M) 9/29/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Blaze  (M) 9/29/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Boomer  (M) 9/29/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Bandit  (M) 9/29/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s B-Judy  (F) 9/29/2000

Dam:  Trinity Kennel’s Florence 
 Trinity Kennel’s Zita  (F)
 Trinity Kennel’s Akira  (F) 6/27/2000

Dam:  Trinity Kennel’s Lucie 
 Trinity Kennel’s Yasper  (M) 5/8/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Yolli  (F) 5/8/2000
 Trinity Kennel’s Dalia  (F) 5/1/2003
 Trinity Kennel’s Dudley  (M) 5/1/2003
 Trinity Kennel’s Dana II  (F) 5/1/2003
 Trinity Kennel’s Dave  (M) 5/1/2003

Dam:  Trinity Kennel’s Pearl 
 Somerset Island Bebill  (M) 4/15/2002
 Somerset Island Bedana  (F) 4/15/2002
 Somerset Island Betommy  (M) 4/15/2002
 Somerset Island Begini  (F) 4/15/2002
 Lasting Run Chip  (M) 7/7/2003
 Lasting Run Tiffy  (F) 7/7/2003
 Lasting Run Bert  (M) 7/7/2003
 Lasting Run Lilly  (F) 7/7/2003
 Lasting Run Erny  (M) 7/7/2003
 Lasting Run Funny  (F) 7/7/2003
 Lasting Run Chap  (M) 7/7/2003

Compiled from PawVillage records on 12/10/2018


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